About Wizard Wayne the Magician

in Short:

  • Born into Native American Dancing, I've been Entertaining and Winning Competitions since age 2.
  • Professionally Booking and Performing Magic Events since 2000.
  • Spent 5 years working at a Famous Magic and Costume Shop Performing, Selling and Teaching Magic Tricks, Renting and Creating Costumes and Makeup.
  • Highly Experienced Magic Instructor.
  • Television Appearances with both Magic and Music Performances!
  • Received classes in Music, Magic, Theater and Speech, enhancing what I do today.
  • You get a Lifetime of All Forms of Entertainment from me.
  • I am Well Equipped to Entertain for nearly Any Event.
  • All that have seen me perform any of my Many Talents over the years have Spoken Highly of my Stage Presence, Leadership Qualities and my Attention to Detail.
  • A Team Player, Never to Forget the People on Stage with me and Especially the Audience!
I have been an Entertainer since the age of 2. Being a 3rd Generation Entertainer in my Family and Encouraged by my Parents, I started out with Native American Indian Dance. Over the years I have Won Many Awards for Fancy Dance, Hoop Dance, Straight Dance and more. I grew up being a part of a dance team directed by my father, in which was one of my many influences that I learned from to be able to Create Magical Performances Like No Other. My father is an amazing director and writer, and along with my mother and grandparents are  my greatest entertainment influences. 

My favorite part of being a performer is the wonderful and unique people that I have met and performed for, and with, throughout my life, and I Thank You All for Being You”.
Wizard Wayne “Terry” Parker

Magic/Magical Entertainer:

I am Third Generation Magician/Magical Entertainer from my Father’s side of my family. I have performed countless magic shows for thousands of people for many different occasions. One of my largest audiences to date was a crowd of well over 3,500 people for a Harry Potter Book Release. With television cameras broadcasting live on a local news station, and other cable television shows shooting video, we had an excellent performance! I have also performed at North Park Mall for Dallas Child Magazine and their Trade Show where we set up our first Magic Fun House Productions Booth and later to be hired by the Owners of North Park Mall for their Personal Halloween Party. We have performed at countless schools, daycares, churches, corporate gatherings, birthday parties, weddings and much more. We have received Amazing Testimonials from our Wonderful Clients throughout the years. References are available upon Request.

As well, I spent over 5 years working at a locally owned and Famous Magic and Costume Shop. While Performing, Selling and Teaching Magic Tricks on a daily basis, I received an experience that not many magical performers can claim. While working there I learned a great deal about my magic trade and what customers and other magicians expect from me. This is where I met many famous magicians and also a great deal of local magicians of all ages. My Customers and I shared many of our Magical Experiences. This is where I also became a Costume and Makeup Professional helping people dress for Plays, Theater, School Functions, Themed Parties, Halloween and more! 

My Magical Entertainment Influences:

Influenced greatly by my Grandfather, “The Amazing Dub” and his assistant (my Grandmother) “El Bathrobo”, They did Magic Performances for the Scout Troops, Neighborhood Kids, Family and Friends for Many Years until he Passed his Tricks and Illusions on to me when I was the age of Seven. It was then that my Father helped me join several magic clubs in which we both took a great interest in. We spent many hours learning new magic tricks and spending quality time together.

While I was learning the tricks that my Grandfather had passed down, and tricks my Father purchased for me from magic clubs, my father was learning to be a Clown/Magician. First as Blue Beard the Clown and later as Pinwheel the Clown, my father would entertain sick children and do fund raisers through the company he worked for. My father is my greatest influence of me being a children’s/family entertainer. From him I learned that I also have a passion for entertaining sick children. There is nothing like the smile of a child and seeing the magic in their eyes when I entertain them. Magical Entertainment is great for the soul.

I loved to be entertained by my Grandfather, Father and some of their friends who also did some tricks of their own. Including, “The Great Sandini” (Sandy Rhoades) who had his own magic show on television in Oklahoma. I have spent hours learning from Sandy Rhoades as well as many other highly experienced magicians.

When I turned 8 years old, my parents hired “Dorlando the Magician” for my birthday party, where my friends and I had the time of our lives watching the amazing feats of magic. By then, I was hooked and wanted to do magic shows myself. I practice by entertaining my family, friends, neighbors and my children every chance I get. My Kids are part of Magic Fun House Productions and work with me at many events.

My First Performance as Wizard Wayne:

Halloween 1999, I worked up a 45 minute Wizard show for my kids and 40 of their friends, families and teachers from daycare and school. We held the show in our music studio which has a stage, lights, fog and a sound system. Our first “Big Show “was a bit Macabre (due to the season) but even so, Everyone Loved the Show and asked for more performances in the future. Since then I have performed professionally as Wizard Wayne, Doctor Zombieo, and my self, Terry aka Terrence Wayne at countless events of all types and for thousands of people. You get a Lifetime of Entertainment Experience when you call on
Wizard Wayne’s Magic Fun House Productions.

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On October 15, 2014 I moved Magic Fun House to

the McKenna Place Castle in Rowlett Texas where we do

 spooky and fun tours, magic shows, parties and more. 

A Most Enchanting Place to Magically

 Feed Your Spirit!

Wizard Wayne and the Magic Fun House Family have performed many types of shows throughout the years.
Here are a few types of events we have performed at.  

  • Concerts
  • Conventions
  • Trade Shows
  • Private Parties
  • Schools
  • Daycares
  • Malls
  • Company Parties
  • Clubs
  • Grand Openings
  • Scouting Events
  • Corporate Events/Meetings
  • Banquets
  • Family Gatherings
  • Homeowner's Associations
  • Birthday Parties
  • Stage Shows
  • Holiday Events
  • Strolling Close Up Magic
  • Parlor Magic
  • Cabaret Magic
  • Special Events
  • Patio Parties
  • Church Events
  • Weddings
  • Carnivals
  • All Parties
  • Any Event!

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I want to Thank my Family, Friends, Associates and Fellow Entertainers for their Past and Continued Support of my Entertainment and Business Ventures throughout the years. 

Wizard Wayne “Terry” Parker

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